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Causes of Nabothi Cysts and how to overcome them

Nabothi cyst is a cyst that is located on the surface of the cervix or cervix. Women of childbearing age before menopause in their 50s have a higher risk of developing Nabothi cysts. Generally these cysts are harmless and are not a sign of cervical cancer. Nabothi cysts can be formed when the cervical mucus-producing glands are blocked by skin cells and healing tissue growth. The appearance of Nabothi cysts on the surface of cervical tissue is characterized by small lumps that contain white or brownish-yellow fluid. The size of this lump varies, but can be enlarged to reach a diameter of 4 cm. Recognize the Causes of Nabothi Cysts Cervical mucus-producing glands can become blocked due to various things, including: Physical trauma Physical trauma in the form of injury or injury that occurs around the cervix can cause the formation of Nabothi cysts. During the wound healing process, excess tissue may grow above the cervical mucous glands, so that the mucus is trapped in the tiss